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At Rideau River Dental, our general dentist creates an impact through a legacy of healthy smiles that can boost your confidence. Dr. Nour is passionate about helping the residents of Ottawa feel good about themselves with a smile they love. That's why he takes the time to get to know you and create a treatment plan that improves your oral health and the appeal of your smile. Our dentist wants to boost the health of your dental structures and your overall quality of life.

When you choose Dr. Nour, you select a dental professional who cares about your smile and your peace of mind, whether you're getting your biannual teeth cleaning or you're interested in aesthetic dental services in Ottawa.

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Dr. Charles Nour

Dr. Charles Nour graduated from the faculty of dentistry at University of Montreal in 2000 where he recieved several awards during his studies. Before studying dentistry, Dr. Nour also recieved a Masters in Physics and a PhD in Biomedical engineering in France.

He has written and published several articles on biomedical sciences. Dr. Nour's priority is to provide the highest level of dental care to his patients. He is committed to continuing education. Over the years, he has attended several dental conventions and successfully completed numerous dental courses with special interest in treating gum disease.

Dr. Nour is focussed on providing the utmost level of dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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